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Unlocking Services


   This method of unlocking involves using the device serial number, also known as the IMEI (IMEI -

   International Mobile Equipment Identity) Choose the appropriate service that matches you device. Then

   provide us with the IMEI number. During checkout provide us with the IMEI and we will process your order

   and get you the unlock code. The unlock code you will get will unlock your phone for use with any sim card.

   Please remember the unlock code we provide are for NETWORK LOCKs not for user locks. If you have a

   user lock and need help unlocking the user lock contact us.

   What is an IMEI number?

   The IMEI number is a 15 digit code found on most phones. The images below will show how IMEI numbers

   appear on your devices.




   We provide direct unlocking for some devices using special hardware. This type of unlock requires your

   devices to be at our location. The service is fast and allows immediate, on site unlocking. Most Samsung devices

   can be unlock this way.

Top left image shows IMEI on the back of a phone located under the battery. The image in the center shows the IMEI number located directly under the device. The image on the far right shows the IMEI on an iPhone. The About's menu where the IMEI appear is accessible by going to Settings -> General -> About.  

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